Cars and buses driving on city road

Our work

TADIO promotes the interests of rural radio stations and citizens’ access to information by advocacy work for better broadcasting policies, training and networking among radio stations, and by providing a channel for partners to reach rural audiences. Soon, we will also operate a community radio online platform, Radio TADIO, with news and live streams from rural radio stations.

Cars and buses driving on city road

Advocacy work

On behalf of upcountry community radio stations, TADIO lobbies and negotiates with the government and Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) about national broadcasting and ICT policies, licencing and legal issues, defending the interests of rural radio stations and citizens’ access to information.

Our aim is to create a policy and legal environment in Tanzania which is supportive to community content-based media allowing them to provide accurate and relevant information to rural communities and give the voice to the voiceless.

Capacity building

Together with our partners, we organize training events with reporters, producers and managers from our member radio stations, and encourage networking among community radio stations in Tanzania.

In recent years, community radio staff across Tanzania have been trained in election reporting, gender sensitive reporting, business environment reporting and ICT skills, among others. Station managers have received training in governance, leadership and management. In 2020, we will focus on practical training to effectively make use of our new community radio online platform.

Link to rural communities

Most Tanzanians live in rural areas. There are many civil society organizations, government institutions, donor agencies and commercial enterprises who would like to reach rural communities by educational, social and health campaigns, or marketing of consumer goods or services.

TADIO assists these organizations or companies to reach rural radio stations by creating partnership projects, by sponsored radio programmes, or by selling airtime for advertisements – and eventually generating much needed income to our member radio stations.

Community radio platform

A new community radio online platform, Radio TADIO, will be launched by in 2020. The new site will be an informative media platform for marketing of rural radio stations and bringing rural perspectives to national debates.

Radio TADIO will publish news articles, images, audio podcasts and links to live streams from upcountry radio stations. The aim is that the platform becomes a widely visited multimedia news site focusing on information and dialogue on rural issues – “the most credible rural media”, as envisioned by TADIO chairperson Prosper Kwigize.