Machweo nyuma ya majengo.


The Chinese Embassy in Tanzania has provided the Government with material support to continue the fight against COVID 19 (Corona) and pledges to continue with the Tanzanian Government to combat the disease until it is over.

Receiving the materials Minister of Health, Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Children Ummy Mwalimu said the support would go to health workers across the country as the government has given priority to them to prevent COVID-19 infections. “On behalf of the government we are very grateful to the Chinese Government for this contribution, and continue to assure all those who support the Tanzanian government, this support will be given to health workers, the priority is to prevent health workers from contracting the virus.”

Ummy Master has said the assistance provided by the Chinese embassy in Tanzania includes 1,000 protective clothing (PPE) for treating people diagnosed with corona disease, 100,000 masks (masks) and 150 thermal scanner.

For his part the Chinese ambassador to Tanzania Hon. Wang Ke said his country and Tanzania have been friends for a long time and when the disease first hit their country, Tanzania was at the forefront of supporting them in the fight against the disease, and they have also committed to helping them cope.

Mr. Wang Ke said the Chinese government has now taken the initiative and officially announced that the country will assist Tanzania in emergency equipment relief that will help it cope with Corona disease.

In a continuation of assisting with preventive devices the Government of Tanzania once again expects to receive the assistance of 500 respiratory aids (Ventilator) from Chinese businessman Jack Ma.

Credit #JamiiForum