Young women and young men by a laptop computer


TADIO is a national umbrella organization of 43 community media members (43 community radio stations & Pemba Press Club) across Tanzania. Our member radio stations currently reach over 33 million people in their coverage area. We believe that “information is power” and that access to information is necessary for positive self-development of rural communities and Tanzania in general.

Young women and young men by a laptop computer


Tanzania Development Information Organization (TADIO), formerly known as the Community Media Network of Tanzania (COMNETA), is a nationwide network of community content-based media in Tanzania. TADIO is registered under the NGO’s Act Number 24 of 2002 with its certificate number 0009337.

We currently have 43 member radio stations producing community radio programmes broadcasted locally in most regions of Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

Our secretariat is located at the Open University of Tanzania (OUT) headquarters in Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam, where we also have our own radio production studio.

You are most welcome to contact us and discuss partnership projects aiming to reach and empower rural communities locally or across Tanzania!

Information is power

At TADIO, we believe that “information is power” and that quality development information must be produced and widely distributed, especially in rural areas, to enable people to engage in self-development.

Our vision: Rural communities where people utilize reliable and credible information for their positive self-development.

Our mission: To enable people in rural communities to utilize reliable and credible information for their positive self-development.

Our slogan: Reach where others don't!


The radio operations of our member radio stations currently cover almost 70% of the area of Tanzania and reach a listenership of over 33 million people across Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

Most of the covered areas are not reached by the mainstream media.

We are developing a community radio online platform that allows rural radio stations to publish their local news stories and live stream their programmes online.


TADIO wishes to develop partnerships and working relations with development agencies, government institutions, civil society organizations, and commercial actors willing to reach rural radio stations and rural communities in different parts of Tanzania through information campaigns, sponsored programmers, or paid advertisements.

Our current partners include UNICEF, UNESCO, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and VIKES – Finnish Foundation for Media and Development, among others.