Machweo nyuma ya majengo.



BEST-Dialogue is planning to collaborate with Tanzania Development Information Organization (TADIO), to change the reportage of community radios in Tanzania.

The initiative came following absence of best quality programmes produced by most of the community radios, of which does not attract sponsorship or advertisements.

Through Investigative of Business Environment Reporting (IBER) program run by St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT), which is sponsored by BEST-D, journalists from community radios have been granted scholarships.

The scholarships aimed at increasing their capability to report on business issues, and producing human interesting programmes that could convince sponsors and advertisers.

In the business model training for community radios in Lake Zone held in Mwanza recently, facilitators raised concern for the community radio to change their reporting approach.

Daniel Mrawa a lecturer from SAUT told the participants that, it is now time for the community radios to think on how best their programmes could attract sponsors rather than depending on donor money.

“Your sustainability will depend on how credible and creative are you, your approach, your audience and coverage,” said Mrawa.

On his side a business radio expert from Uganda Martin Ssemakula emphasized on community radios to invest on sustainable radio programing that will also target small businesses and rural livelihood.

He said, the revenue of the community radios will raise once they started giving voice to micro and small enterprises around their areas.

“This could be done by encouraging innovation and change in the programme, improve the flow of business information particularly from the government, development agencies, researchers and other content providers,” he said.

He pointed out that, most of community radios fail due to lack of specialization, poor management system, poor marketing approach and absence of audience survey reports.

On the other hand, TADIO is expected advocate for change to its community radio members and start think on sustainable way rather than relying on donor fund.

While presenting a paper. TADIO Chairman Prosper Kwigize highlighted the importance of community radios to work together as a winning approach to the market.