Machweo nyuma ya majengo.


The engineer from the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Communication (Construction Industry), a special unit for women’s participation in road works, Ms. Love Sanze, talk to girls student on KwaMtoro Secondary School in Chemba District in Dodoma, about the importance of Science and Mathematics subjects.

Female engineers of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Communication (Construction Industry), through a special women’s participation in road works, have asked female students in Dodoma region, to explore opportunities to study Science and Mathematics studies to increase experts in Engineering field.

Speaking on behalf of the engineers at KwaMtoro Secondary School, Chemba District in Dodoma District, Engineer Rahma Mwinyi, said the industry still has a shortage of female professionals so it requires students to study these subjects to increase the number of professionals and to achieve the economy. manufacturing by 2025.

“Make sure you read the subjects of Science and Mathematics with diligence, the effectiveness of these studies will depend on the practice of the questions and practice of regular self-assessment that will build them up and lead to success, the Government still needs experts in this field and also employment opportunities through this field. many, work for you to plan your goals ”, said Mwinyi engineer.

In addition, Engineer Mwinyi has asked the students to give up the misconceptions that these subjects are difficult and instead to find alternatives including organizing their academic schedules and focusing on what they are taught by teachers in the classroom.

For his part, KwaMtoro Secondary School, Ms. Neema Muna, on behalf of her colleagues has advised the Government to ensure that they deliver the laboratory equipment to schools that are not equipped especially in rural areas as the performance of these subjects depends largely on practical exercises.

He added that there is a need for Government to recruit and take enough teachers in rural schools according to the number of pupils and also water and electricity services to be adapted to meet the practical needs of practice through their laboratories.

She, Student Siminza of the school, has asked the government to increase female teachers at the school because the school currently has only one teacher of the same sex situation that discourages female students to join the course.

Also, Student Lucy Isack, from the school has asked the Government to increase science and mathematics teachers, books and to improve laboratory infrastructure including chemical equipment.

The visit of these engineers in the various secondary schools of Dodoma region aims to encourage the study of Science and Mathematics subjects for girls today who have visited KwaMtoro, Dalai and Mondo.