Mpanda FM

The Mpanda FM Radio is one of the Community Radio located in the remote area in the Katavi region in the south west of Tanzania Mpanda FM is the Radio devoted to help the local people from the remote area to overcome the poverty, ignorance and to help communities to meet their development goals via broadcasting activities on republic of Tanzania at large stating with South and western zone of Tanzania

Radio ownership

Mpanda Radio FM is owned by the registered company called Mpanda radio FM Limited with registration certificate number 78298 by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania. Mpanda Radio FM is also registered by the Tanzania Telecommunication Regulatory Authority TCRA, Ministry of Industry and trade; either we are recognized by Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture TCCIA na Tanzania Revenue Authority as Tax payer, we have Tax payer Identification Number 115-577-239 and assigned VAT registration number 40-015708 for Business located at Mpanda hotel, area plot number G, block number 35.


To be a leading station that airs quality news and community programs in Katavi and beyond.


To employ superior professionals who cherish quality content production, business development, offer competitive consumer choice that owes to better work environment equipped by state of the art technology.


Mpanda Radio FM has a good chain of command and it is governed by the Board of directors. We have three directors by shares and employments; also we have the production leadership and marketing.

Radio project target

This Radio is intended to help people to know what is taking place in the locality, nationally and International level and what are the projects hosted by the NGOs and individuals operating in the surroundings of their locality, and inform the public in general. The Radio also devoted to alleviate the problem of lack of information