Project Experience

For the past years, we have been able to participate in various projects such as educational, health projects, human rights projects, and development projects, aiming at creating a drastic impact and change to the community and creating sustainability of community radios. This has been an achievement through training, seminars, awareness sessions, and productions of jingles, spots, episodes, mentions, interviews, and interactive radio programmes prepared under TADIO Studio Production. TADIO has contributed in the following health projects

Community awareness and health promotion Projects;

  • Sauti Mpya project uses media to amplify youth and women’s voices. The objective of the project was the contribution to strengthening Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in promoting women’s and youth’s freedom of expression, access to information, and awareness on fundamental freedoms. TADIO’s role was to train CSOs, young reporters, media outlets, press clubs, and local authorities. Promote CSOs-media partnerships and dialogue with Local Authorities (LAs) so as to increase media coverage of human rights issues and quality of reporting, with a particular focus on challenges to women's and youth’s rights. The project was conducted in 3 regional press clubs in Mbeya, Mtwara and Kigoma regions. 15 women-led and youth–led CSOs that had 60 young reporters aged 18-35, 50% of whom were women. TADIO used 15 radio stations and other media outlets operating in the target regions, including roundtable talks and online content service providers. 8,200 women, parents and youth (2,200 women; 1,800 parents; 4,200 youth, including students)Over 530,000 targeted audience media products reached individuals women, parents, and youth. This project was d by the European Commission.
  • CCBRT:  CCBRT together with TADIO had a national wide radio awareness creation campaign for free Fistula treatment in women. It resulted in treating more than one thousand women with a fistula at CCBRT and satellite hospitals. 19 community radio stations in Songwe, Dodoma, Ifakara, Mtwara, Ruvuma, Kagera, Simiyu, Katavi, Shinyanga, Mbeya, Njombe, Iringa, Manyara, Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar Kigoma, Tabora, Singida and Lindi regions with a total coverage of 30,711,418 listenership. The campaign helped in getting rid of the myth regarding fistula. Over 13,000 messages were broadcasted which resulted in an increased number of women attending hospital check-ups.
  • Legal Service Facility (LSF): TADIO partnered with LSF in two occasions: (1) SIYO TATIZO TENA Campaign. The campaign aimed at increasing access to justice for all, in particular women and girls through legal empowerment approach. TADIO aired this campaign in 10 community local radios. (2) Provision of legal education and promoting access to justice through 20 community radios. The community local radio stations worked closely with the community in creating paralegal awareness in society. The radio stations received calls, SMS and radio cards from the community inquiring more on legal assistance. The regions involved are Mbeya, Kigoma, Songwe, Geita, Pwani, Mara, Shinyanga, Moshi and Pemba regions reaching out to over 5,420,314 listenerships.
  • VIKES: The Finnish Foundation for Media and Development partnered with TADIO in a project on empowering rural communities in Tanzania through media. It focused on women in media projects. Hereby women and vulnerable groups in the media sector are given a platform to share their stories via online publication through the radio portal. The project also helped influence women's leadership and taught more on the media laws. VIKES and TADIO developed a database of the community radio that was use in this project.
  • VIKES: The project on “IFAHAMU CORONA” aimed at educating the citizens in Tanzania on understanding COVID 19, its causes, symptoms, its impacts and measures the citizens should take. TADIO ensured the key message was communicated to the community, coordinated and monitored the whole project through the 34 community radios involved.
  • SIKIKA in collaboration with Ministry of Health (MoHCDGEC): The project on COVID 19 responses and other health challenges through an Integrated Digital Communication Platform (IDCP). IDCP platform involves community radio 15 radios were involved. The programs covered various health issues: COVID 19, Family planning, breast feeding, PMTCT-ARVs, Sickle cell, HIV/AIDS, Anti-Corruption, Ethics and health service providers, among others.
  • Swiss TPH in Tanzania/HPSS: The project on encourages citizens to join Community Health Insurance (CHF INSURANCE) to facilitate access to health services more easily. TADIO ensured the transmission of key messages CHF ILIYOBORESHWA via 28 community radios in Tanzania Mainland. The project was done after TADIO nomination by Swiss TPH in Tanzania/HPSS to implement the project and 31,052,136 people were reached in Tanzania Mainland. 
  • Educational and developmental projects:The project on “Sheria Sio Tatizo Tena” aimed at educating the community and providing information on how they can access legal services in their respective areas national wide through the para-legals found in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. It involved 30 community radios and reached more than 33 Million people