TADIO-member Community Radios to benefit from UNESCO’s health safety equipment support

Yesterday, UNESCO provided the health safety equipment to Journalists under the Tanzania Development Information Organization an umbrella of Tanzania community Radio. This support wealth to more than 10 million shillings aims at enabling TADIO and its members to self-protect in their day-to-day activities. The equipment handover was represented by Mr. Tirso Dos Santos the head of the office and UNESCO representative in Tanzania and TADIO Chairperson, Mr. Prosper Kwigize on behalf of TADIO and its member community radio stations.

During the handover, Mr. Tirso said that UNESCO has been touched with the safe environment to Journalists and they hope that the health-protective gears will enable them the confidences to work in a critical health condition or disease pandemics like Ebola, flue, COVID19, and Chlorella.

The TADIO Chairperson Mr. Kwigize appreciated the mutual cooperation between UNESCO and TADIO and for the support delegated to the community Radio network in Tanzania. The equipment will be distributed to more than 300 radio practitioners countrywide.