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TADIO’s Reflections and Plans for 2024 in its Year-End Board Meeting.

On December 22, 2023, the Network of Community Media in Tanzania (TADIO) conducted its final board meeting for the year, marking a pivotal moment of reflection and planning.

During the session, board members were briefed by the secretariat on the year’s activities and financial reports, offering insights into the organization’s accomplishments and fiscal standing in 2023. Notably, discussions centered around the future as the Tanzania Development Information Organization (TADIO) outlined its plans and strategies for the upcoming year, 2024. Additionally, the meeting served as a platform to explore opportunities for collaboration between TADIO and other organizations.

With ongoing support from UNICEF, TADIO remains committed to empowering community radio stations, enabling them to achieve self-sustainability and extend their outreach to rural communities—an integral component of TADIO’s overarching objectives.

The funding received, notably from UNICEF, is strategically directed towards enhancing social welfare concerns, with a particular emphasis on issues related to childcare. This aligns with TADIO’s broader mission to address social needs and contribute positively to the well-being of communities

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