Machweo nyuma ya majengo.

Triple A FM Takes a Stride Forward in Media Excellence with In-House Editorial Training

Trainer Hilal Ruhundwa and the dedicated staff in a group photo.
Hilal Ruhundwa (facilitator) explaining something to the training participants

In-house editorial training at Triple A FM in Arusha City marks a significant step towards enhancing the media capabilities of the station. Led by the experienced facilitator, Hilal Ruhundwa, the training is meticulously designed to empower the station’s editorial team with valuable skills and knowledge. Hilal Ruhundwa’s expertise in the field brings a wealth of experience to the training, ensuring that participants receive comprehensive insights into editorial best practices and the evolving landscape of media.

This initiative is made possible through the collaboration of Tanzania Development Information Organization (TADIO) and the generous funding provided by the Finnish Foundation for Media and Development (VIKES). TADIO’s involvement showcases its commitment to the development of media professionals and the broader media landscape in Tanzania. The support from VIKES, a renowned foundation dedicated to media development, further underscores the importance of investing in quality journalism and editorial excellence.

Participants in the training can expect to gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience, equipping them with the tools necessary to produce high-quality content. The focus on in-house training speaks to the station’s dedication to continuous improvement and staying abreast of industry standards.

For those seeking more information on this transformative initiative, detailed updates and resources can be found on the official websites of TADIO at and