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UNESCO and radio stations mobilized to fight against COVID-19

To contribute to countering disinformation on COVID-19 and promoting healthy behaviours, UNESCO has produced a series of audio messages that can be freely used by radio stations from around the world. UNESCO is making these resources available to help stop the harm caused by the so called “info-demic” accompanying the virus. The short audio messages (available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic) give useful information on preventive measures, debunk myths about the virus, and highlight the importance of non-discrimination and solidarity.

Radio spots to inform

Prevention and protection against COVID-19 and countering disinformation are everyone’s concern – and everyone can contribute to sharing reliable information.

The audio messages can be freely downloaded and broadcast by public, private and community radio stations in various parts of the world.

Please broadcast and share these audio recordings.

If you have questions, please contact : (link sends e-mail)

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Message 1:

Know credible information sources
UNESCO Coronavirus Message for Radio

Disinformation is spreading alongside the new coronavirus.

To counter this, it is important to share information that comes from reliable sources, such as health authorities and the World Health Organization.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, only trust official information sources and credible media outlets. Do not share unverified information. This is a message from UNESCO.

To listen the audio follow the link below