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UNESCO Trains community radio practitioners on audience feedback mechanism
                          Mr James from IPSOS he was one of the Facilitator’s

                  UNESCO gender monitoring officer ,Mr marko Shekalaghe

Mr Samwel Muthoka , a facilitator for the training makes a point at a session in Dodoma.

UNESCO(The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)an international agency that deals with educational ,science and cultural issues,conducted audience survey training in community radios which have began today at Dodoma.

Speaking to the contestants during the opening of the trainings, UNESCO gender monitoring officer ,Mr marko Shekalaghe said that the major aim of the trainings is to enable community radios to conduct surveys and use correct data in the preparation of radio programs. Further more,Shekalaghe said that these trainings are very important for the benefits of our radios ,because this audience survey will help community radios to identify their audiences,their lifestyles,needs and the challenges they are facing.

On his side the social network coordinator of community radios(TADIO)Miss Irene Makene requested the trainees to pay attention to the trainers so that they can full utilize the knowledge gained for their own benefits and for the benefits of their radio stations. These five day trainings were organized by UNESCO(The united Nations education, scientific and cultural organization).

Almost 26 contestants from community radios in Tanzania mainland and island who are also members of TADIO(Tanzania development information organisation)together with TADIO secretariat are participating in those trainings.